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Video Votes

I am officially in the running for Telluride TV’s First Annual Video Awards Ceremony. Now all I need are some votes. I’m going to be posting quite a bit to try to rack up the points. Not only is this my first video competition, it’s also a possibility that I’ll use this shirt film for my college submission.

Get onto Facebook and get voting! I know you want to. Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/TellurideInsideandOut/app_162850930432266 and like Telluride Inside and Out’s page I be able to view the videos.

Mine is called The Other 50%. Get cracking and know that if you vote for my film and you could win fabulous prizes worth more than $600!

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Fun Life

I’m finally finished with VBS which is definitely bringing me different emotions. I’m so freaking exhausted (so exhausted that this morning I woke up sick because of the little sleep I’ve been receiving. I also miss all the crazy, jumping up and down mornings.

I’ll be more active now that it’s over but here are a few favorite shots of the week.

— parachute games

— waking up early

— guitar sessions

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People Be Crazy

I don’t know what it is with people here. They just think it’s so normal to just walk into someone’s house as if they live there. I am not joking.

This morning, I was planning on finally sleeping in. I’m alone. I have no work today and no where to be. Perfect, right?

Well some idiot decided to screw it up and literally knocked on the door for five minutes straight then opened up the door and called inside. We don’t even know these people.

Things like that makes me not able to wait to go back to the city. People here are crazy. Even back in the country people didn’t do that. If they didn’t answer your knock, you go home and maybe try again in a few hours.

Fuck you! I was sleeping. If you want me, try me at a decent hour. Now I’m going to be grumpy all day. Good thing I don’t have anything planned.


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2012 Telluride Graduation

Just got back from our school’s graduation and I totally bawled. All my friends are now graduated and I can’t really deal.


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