First A

I took my first test for online class (I was a little scared of this at first), and then I got my score back right away and all fears were soothed. I got an A on my first assignment. Now I feel like I can go buy a car and calculate all my payments. I love Consumer Math!

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Poor Mama

My poor mother has to tudor in the morning and I’m up at all hours of the night watching Thor. But I don’t just watch movies silently. I like them loud and I like screaming out suggestions, laughing at even the not meant to be funny stuff, and shouting “Take the shirt off! Take it all off.” I mean, he’s sexy as fuck, so yeah.

I also have guests over at 8 tomorrow and have to be at work at 12. It’s going to be a very long day.

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The 4th Parade

We had an amazing time doing the parade today. Even if we almost ran out of candy halfway though (hank god it’s such a small town) and it rained for like an hour after and we were stuck under a food cart’s umbrella the whole time. I’ll give the full blow-by-blow tomorrow because I’m way too tired now, but here’s these pictures I took via Instagram.

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Running Around

Busy, busy week this week.

Yesterday was Monday and I’ve already done so much. Monday means work day, meaning I spent most my time at Telluride TV. We headed to the library almost as soon as we arrived, to pick up some posters. But the graphic designer wasn’t there, leaving us without posters.

So Sam left, leaving Meghan and I to put up poster around town. Katie should be happy because we got like ten up. It’s hard in a town this small. There’s only so many places that actually take them.

We met back with Sam at “noon fifteen” (his words) and set up for the Telluride Minute. The people we got to interview were very sweet and fun. And Meghan was nervous since it was her first interviews, which made it entertaining for Sam and I.

I, by the way, handed out stickers, and I must say I rock at it now. “Here, You’ll be able to see the finished product on the website in a week or so.” Like always we had a very fun time hanging out. I like Sam because he gets my mean, teasing sense of humor. And he can dish it out as well as take it. He’s alright in my book.

I wanted to share the photos I took of Meghan for the webpage. I’m in love with this camera…too bad it’s not mine.

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Kicking Some TV Ass!

Hey everyone! Here’s what’s up! Me and my coworkers over at Telluride TV and I are having a friendly competition to see who can bring the most action over to our Facebook page. Wanna help out? Because its easy. Just visit the Facebook page and like us, post a comment on our wall, like a few photos (whatever you’ve got!) and then feel free to head over to our web page and check out what we’ve been working on.

Some of these people think because I’m an intern, that there’s no way I’ll win. Let’s prove them wrong!!!!

Thanks! And have an awesome Monday.

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