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Moving On…

I am officially done working for Telluride TV. I’m actually pretty happy about that. I only started the job last year for money and then it turned into being for experience, and then money again. Now I’m done and I could move on.

Apparently everyone else feels this way because Gigi won’t be coming back. Sam is leaving in September for California (lots of hope for that). And Dave is also leaving after two years for some other place (maybe in Chicago).

It’s good for us. There’s not much you can do in local television, there’s no room to stretch. We’re all probably going to miss some aspect of it. For me, it was always a place of laughing to tears, of learning how to have fun at work and learning about what I love. I’m going to miss the people more than the company, for sure.

Still, there won’t be tears.

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Friends in Low Places

AKA. The friends I will never forget back in the Springs. I miss those crazy peeps. One of my bestest friends from Colorado Springs, Kelsey, was so sweet to let me know she’s been reading my blog and likin’ it. So sweet.
So, I went back through all my amazing photos from those crazy two years of Middle School. I thought’d I’d tribute this post to them.

On our way!


We went to the Sky Socks game for seventh grade and had a BLAST! Kelsey obviously had trouble with sunscreen, but that’s a given.  I can clearly remember getting popcorn, soda, and chips spilt on me (none of which were mine!).

My…had to be my thirteenth birthday party? 7th grade. Sleepover, cake, and lots of loud laughter. Like always with us girls!
Unfortunately, these next pics were from my going away party. I miss these girls horibbley. I haven’t seen them since, but I hope to soon. We always have a blast together, no matter what we’re up to.

 “We be Cherokee!”

 Don’t bite!

 Kelsey’s face. Oh my! and my little sister, steph peeping in the back ground. She did NOT want to go to bed when we were having so much fun here.

 “I wuv you!”

The gang! The most amazing, entertaining, and incredibly weird girls you’ll ever meet! (Back to Front: Jacklyn – Jacky Chan, Kelsey – Kelpers, Sammie – Sam Sammeram, and Rachel – Rachy babe!) Crazy weirdos. My kinds of peoples.
See ya’ll soon!

In the Holiday Spirit

In the Holiday Spirit
written by Kristie
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It’s felt like Christmas/Thanksgiving for a while now. When you live in a ski town, it’s hard to ignore the snow. Especially when everyone is literally screaming about when the mountain’s opening for the season. So, instead of ignoring the signs of winter, I’m embracing them.
The hardest part of living in a ski town is the fact that there is and never will be a snow day. Oh! How I long for those days we woke up early for the morning forecast, only to fall back asleep. On the days I thought it’d snow, I wouldn’t even get out of bed, I would just wait for my mom to come downstairs and tell me two more hours or the whole day is called off. That was LITERALLY my favorite thing in the world.
So, I’m just going to try to enjoy the holidays while I can. I’m down in the Springs for the rest of the week with my family. And we’re doing anything we can while we can.
So far, we’ve gone to see The Help and Breaking Dawn and I get to see my cousins tomorrow and spend Thanksgiving with them. This. Will. Be. A. Blast. I honestly can’t wait.
Here’s a few photos  of what’s been going on this last week:

– It’s been snowing alot   – I decided to make pumpkin bread. It was so good! 
– watching my all time favorite movie

– my kitty is shy 🙂   – enjoying the treats from my mom’s shopping trip  – Steph preparing for her first game. They WON!

Doing some office work. At least they are 😉


– I stayed after to watch movies with Dave and my buddy Diego  -and on the way home I saw these lights and I couldn’t help but smiles.

shopping before heading to the Springs

On the way to Breaking Dawn!
And my sister has been stealing my phone to obsess over Instagram (yes…this is my twenty-year-old sister). She’s a dork. But I love her photos.

Pictures Galore

Pictures Galore
written by Kristie
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I started picturing it up on Facebook tonight and decided that I wanted to reminiscence a bit on the past year’s amazing times. So here are a little quite a few pictures of the amazing times I experienced.
Photo Shoot with the great Melodie Pruitt. ’10

At Ce’s birthday party. I love this girl.

Going to pumpkin patch with the gang.

(Most of) The Gang.

Director’s Club last day.

Premiere of our movie, Speak!

Mountain Film. Many funs shared here.

Spending time with friends…

…and reading books. 🙂

Cata from Chili (I miss you dearly old friend).
Ce from Italy (next to her, Karol from Poland). This girl IS my heart
Dats lovely.

Girl. Yeesss.
I seriously don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have all my wonderful friends in my life. I think I would just cry. A lot. I love these people. You’re amazing.
Living here has definitely brought on many opportunities that I would have never been able to experience anywhere else. I’m happy that I’ve been able to further discover who I am whilst being here.
* I don’t usually talk this way, but I just completed a reading assignment out of Jane Eyre and cannot get the language out of my head.