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Video Votes

I am officially in the running for Telluride TV’s First Annual Video Awards Ceremony. Now all I need are some votes. I’m going to be posting quite a bit to try to rack up the points. Not only is this my first video competition, it’s also a possibility that I’ll use this shirt film for my college submission.

Get onto Facebook and get voting! I know you want to. Follow this link: and like Telluride Inside and Out’s page I be able to view the videos.

Mine is called The Other 50%. Get cracking and know that if you vote for my film and you could win fabulous prizes worth more than $600!

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Movin’ On Out

If you’ve been wondering at all why I haven’t been posting at ALL lately, it’s because we’re in moving mode. I’ve barely even convinced my mom to keep the internet on so I can still use my iphone. On top of all the moving, I’m still working and planning a little thing called VBS (it’s really not little at all). So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I’m a bit stressed right now, but there’s only a few days left.

My mom just left to pick up our dog Izzabelle, who I haven’t seen since like, Christmas. I’m super excited, but it’ll be short lived since I’m not moving with my mom.

My sister’s cat had her kittens finally, three healthy ones and one that was still-born. She’s turned into quite a little mama, but we hope they’ll all survive the move in four days. It’s a long one…thankfully, they’re only going to Colorado Springs and not California. I’m sure Stephie will be super happy to see her baby again.

On other news, I’m starting a new video project for the local television’s first Video Awards. I really want to win because I could soooo very much use that $250. Like major. I’m saving up for a Macbook Pro of my own.

I haven’t been posting ANY of the pictures from anything, so I will in a few days. There’s even stuff from before the 4th that I have to share. But here are a few pictures from last weekend at Meghan’s Sweet Sixteen Party.

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Wow. I’m pretty much a failure for not posting here for the last few days. My minds in a wack…I can’t really remember what today’s date is right now. All I know is that it isn’t school. EH…

All the Juniors were gone on Thursday and Friday on a field trip to “bond with the eighth graders”. It was totally lame so I decided not to go (I’m a junior) and ended up being the only junior there besides Jon (and he was only there on Thursday). So I basically spent my time in the halls chillin’ like the seniors usually do. I liked not having any classes (basically).

It’s mountain film this weekend and I have a pass (score!). But today I didn’t get to go because I had to babysit and the buses don’t really run on the weekends. I don’t know why THAT makes any sense. But tomorrow I’m having a full-out movie day with my friends and it should be fun (if they ever text me back).

Do you notice that I’m just saying a bunch of random stuff that don’t really have anything to do with each other (and that I’m using a lot of parenthesis)? That’s what happens when I’m tired, bored, and haven’t updated in a while. Just to let ya’ll know.

Dude. It’s freaking windy lately. But it’s nice because I could really use the coolness right now. It’s only 68 out but that’s hot because I’m not used to summer weather yet. It’s always cold up in these here mountains (not always). It’s  a stereotype, but sometimes it’s very true.

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Friday Fun

Yesterday day was a blast.

I woke up in a good mood, making my day pretty hopeful right away. I ate a real breakfast (meaning bagels) and headed off to school. Friday’s always rock, but this Friday was weird. Everyone was in a funk because a lot of the teachers were missing and most students were gone too for track and just plain ole ditching. We got to watch movies in three of my classes and basically hung out, chatted, and played on our phones for every single class (like most days). Even though I had a test for math, it felt like a good day all in all.

Then I spent my last three classes running around and trying to get some last minute interviews in before the due date on Tuesday (yay! I get to edit tomorrow). I got three successful interviews in and a funny one.

Then I headed home with my two good friends Meghan and Sierra, and the little girl I babysit often. We got a few good hours together until Meghan left. Then Sierra and I watched some awesome movies and some tv before we passed out.

We did a lot together today also, but I’m too busy dying my hair right now to write more. Excitement! Updates tomorrow!

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Prom Post (Part 1)

I’ve been delaying this since last Saturday. I wanted to be able to have all versions, including my friend’s. Instead, I just decided to put up my version and later add hers in multiple posts (you enjoy that).

So here’s us, getting ready for prom. Took us a few hours (that’s apparently normal). Let me explain something to you. We live in a town with only one high school (and it’s also attached to the Middle and Intermediate schools…aka 5-8th grades). This means that even freshmen are invited to prom. Some are stupid enough to do dinner, pictures, after party and all the first year and ruin their Senior years. I held off last year so I could enjoy Junior prom for the first timeas a junior.

I was also the only junior in this bunch, but it was pretty fun anyways. I wouldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

(hint: click on photos for larger view/slideshow)


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