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Video Votes

I am officially in the running for Telluride TV’s First Annual Video Awards Ceremony. Now all I need are some votes. I’m going to be posting quite a bit to try to rack up the points. Not only is this my first video competition, it’s also a possibility that I’ll use this shirt film for my college submission.

Get onto Facebook and get voting! I know you want to. Follow this link: and like Telluride Inside and Out’s page I be able to view the videos.

Mine is called The Other 50%. Get cracking and know that if you vote for my film and you could win fabulous prizes worth more than $600!

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Parisian Love

I love spending hours on youtube, it never feels like a waste of time because I’m always learning something or discovering a new style of filming. I found this link on a post of blog I follow with an honest-to-god depiction of what life as an AP student is really like. And so I started searching more videos like this one because I liked this little take on life through searches.

Then I came across this video and I fell in love. I must’ve watched ten times through before deciding to share it with you all. Isn’t this just the cutest way to share your life in all of it’s honesty?


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