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Movin’ On Out

If you’ve been wondering at all why I haven’t been posting at ALL lately, it’s because we’re in moving mode. I’ve barely even convinced my mom to keep the internet on so I can still use my iphone. On top of all the moving, I’m still working and planning a little thing called VBS (it’s really not little at all). So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I’m a bit stressed right now, but there’s only a few days left.

My mom just left to pick up our dog Izzabelle, who I haven’t seen since like, Christmas. I’m super excited, but it’ll be short lived since I’m not moving with my mom.

My sister’s cat had her kittens finally, three healthy ones and one that was still-born. She’s turned into quite a little mama, but we hope they’ll all survive the move in four days. It’s a long one…thankfully, they’re only going to Colorado Springs and not California. I’m sure Stephie will be super happy to see her baby again.

On other news, I’m starting a new video project for the local television’s first Video Awards. I really want to win because I could soooo very much use that $250. Like major. I’m saving up for a Macbook Pro of my own.

I haven’t been posting ANY of the pictures from anything, so I will in a few days. There’s even stuff from before the 4th that I have to share. But here are a few pictures from last weekend at Meghan’s Sweet Sixteen Party.

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Update My Life

I could literally have my driver’s license right now. This sucks! I have like no hours under my belt because my mom wreck our two automatic cars before I could even drive them. Now she won’t let me drive the stick so I’m pretty much never going to drive again. Fuck!

Also, I woke up early this morning with a major throw-up feeling. I spent half an hour in front of the toilet, but thankfully it passed without needing to use it.

Noelle has been the best friend anyone could ask for. She’s in Chicago right now and so is Conan and I’m super jealous (she doesn’t even like him). But she’s been awesome and sent me a bunch of pictures about him and his show. Still jealous.




She also got to visit The Bean yesterday which makes me even more jealous.



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Wow. I’m pretty much a failure for not posting here for the last few days. My minds in a wack…I can’t really remember what today’s date is right now. All I know is that it isn’t school. EH…

All the Juniors were gone on Thursday and Friday on a field trip to “bond with the eighth graders”. It was totally lame so I decided not to go (I’m a junior) and ended up being the only junior there besides Jon (and he was only there on Thursday). So I basically spent my time in the halls chillin’ like the seniors usually do. I liked not having any classes (basically).

It’s mountain film this weekend and I have a pass (score!). But today I didn’t get to go because I had to babysit and the buses don’t really run on the weekends. I don’t know why THAT makes any sense. But tomorrow I’m having a full-out movie day with my friends and it should be fun (if they ever text me back).

Do you notice that I’m just saying a bunch of random stuff that don’t really have anything to do with each other (and that I’m using a lot of parenthesis)? That’s what happens when I’m tired, bored, and haven’t updated in a while. Just to let ya’ll know.

Dude. It’s freaking windy lately. But it’s nice because I could really use the coolness right now. It’s only 68 out but that’s hot because I’m not used to summer weather yet. It’s always cold up in these here mountains (not always). It’s  a stereotype, but sometimes it’s very true.

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Instagram Update

These are from this morning before my first AP exam. I know you’re all probably sick and tired of hearing about all my AP problems, but don’t worry, soon they will be over (and I’ll start posting about Finals…yay!) Anywho…I woke up pretty early so I could get some breakfast before the exam started, then we spent the first half our trying to figure out where we were going to actually test (we were stuck at the library with no rooms available). We ended up moving the tables and chairs three times before ending where we began. Fun!

I’m pretty sure I did well-ish all-in-all. Hopefully I passes with at least a 3. We’ll be hearing around the third week of June…so long!


1. I started the day off right by forgetting to put coffee in the filter.

2. Dressed in an inspiring shirt (my work’s logo).

3. Caught this little cutie basking in the sun.

4. Waited in the cold morning air for the bus, which ended up being late.

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Instagram Prom

This weekend was incredibly amazing, and I’m still too tired to post about it in full so I’m just going to leave some of my favorite photos of prom night.





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