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Video Votes

I am officially in the running for Telluride TV’s First Annual Video Awards Ceremony. Now all I need are some votes. I’m going to be posting quite a bit to try to rack up the points. Not only is this my first video competition, it’s also a possibility that I’ll use this shirt film for my college submission.

Get onto Facebook and get voting! I know you want to. Follow this link: and like Telluride Inside and Out’s page I be able to view the videos.

Mine is called The Other 50%. Get cracking and know that if you vote for my film and you could win fabulous prizes worth more than $600!

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First A

I took my first test for online class (I was a little scared of this at first), and then I got my score back right away and all fears were soothed. I got an A on my first assignment. Now I feel like I can go buy a car and calculate all my payments. I love Consumer Math!

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Learning to Fly

There some times in my life where it seems like nothing more can get me down. I’m already to close to the ground, it seems it’ll never get better. But that’s when I play one of my all-time favorite songs.

“A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride

If you haven’t heard this song, you’re truly missing out. It may seem a bit cheesy and that’s because it was written in late 90s/early ’00s, which was the era of cheese in country music. But I still love it because it has and awesome message to it.

Every time I hear this song, I am reminded that even though I have no where to run, I have plenty of room to fly. So no matter how hard times seem to get, I can still fly off into the sunset. 🙂

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Saying Goodbye

It’s really hard for me to say goodbye. Not physically, but mentally. I just miss people and memories too much.

I never really want to leave The Springs and the people in it, but at the same time I know I have to and I’ll be back. But it’s hard only being able to see your sisters and cousins (who you’ve grown up with) once every two months or so. I know that time might get dragged out even longer when I move for college, but I can’t even think about that. We’ve always been so close. We used to do everything together and spend almost every summer day all together.

I hate growing up.

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Stupid Life

Last year, I wasn’t even thinking about college. My sister graduated and it wasn’t that big of a deal. Now all my friends are graduating tomorrow and I’m like freaking out. Not only for them, but about me too. I’m not going to be a high school soon. It’s like the nightmare of growing up is rubbing itself in my face (nasty). My mom’s not even freaked out. I am. I hate growing up. I hate that you think you never will then it’s like PSYCH! you’ve been aging this whole time. And now you gotta leave your parents house and get a real life that is not high school. This sucks! I feel like I’m a senior already. That’s probably why my grades slipped majorly this last semester.

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