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B+ Student

Last night I took my first test in Japanese 1 and got a B. Holler! I gave myself today off since it’s the weekend and I passed a test. But now I’m feeling the need to keep going. I might end up liking this. 🙂 (jk…I already do)

P.S. yes, I did use text lingo in this post!

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Learn Japanese Vol. 1

(during the summer, you may notice I have more time to blog so I like to branch out and try new things. Meaning, you’ll probably see more connected posts, as I find what I like. This has been a formal warning)

As some of you may know (i don’t know…do you know?) that I’ve been taking a few online classes this summer so that I can graduate early next semester. Well, I’m excited to say that one of those classes is Japanese 1. Exciting! This is a dream come true for me because I’ve been in love with Japan for, like, forever.

Well, I decided to post some helpful tips and words you can use if you even ever thought about visiting Japan or just wannabe cool and say random Japanese words that no one knows what your saying (I know…this is exactly what you wanted).

  • Tip One: use a translator app/on your computer to see if you’re pronouncing the words right  (I did this and even though some of the words didn’t get recognized as easily, it boosted my confidence a lot to think that I was saying the words mildly correct.)
  • Tip Two: say the word over and over again (preferably alone in your room)

Now the words:

  • good morning ——————– ohayougozaimasu (oh-hi-oh-go-zie-moss)
  • hello   —————– konnichi wa (koe-nee-chee-wa)
  • goodbye ——————-sayonara (sigh-own-na-ra)

*the sound translation is a bit rough*

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