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Movin’ On Out

If you’ve been wondering at all why I haven’t been posting at ALL lately, it’s because we’re in moving mode. I’ve barely even convinced my mom to keep the internet on so I can still use my iphone. On top of all the moving, I’m still working and planning a little thing called VBS (it’s really not little at all). So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I’m a bit stressed right now, but there’s only a few days left.

My mom just left to pick up our dog Izzabelle, who I haven’t seen since like, Christmas. I’m super excited, but it’ll be short lived since I’m not moving with my mom.

My sister’s cat had her kittens finally, three healthy ones and one that was still-born. She’s turned into quite a little mama, but we hope they’ll all survive the move in four days. It’s a long one…thankfully, they’re only going to Colorado Springs and not California. I’m sure Stephie will be super happy to see her baby again.

On other news, I’m starting a new video project for the local television’s first Video Awards. I really want to win because I could soooo very much use that $250. Like major. I’m saving up for a Macbook Pro of my own.

I haven’t been posting ANY of the pictures from anything, so I will in a few days. There’s even stuff from before the 4th that I have to share. But here are a few pictures from last weekend at Meghan’s Sweet Sixteen Party.

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Torn Away

(written @ 4 on June 28)

There are so few books out there that make me feel. Make me feel everything the main character does like I was right there. Make me feel the anger and passion and love and fear and excitement and sadness. I’ve only read about 10 books that force me to read through the night without a second thought.

That’s why I’m thrilled beyond belief when I can find a book that can make feel these things.

Let me give you an idea to how HARD of a reader I am when I stumble across a book like this. I started this particular book last night around 9, stayed up until 2 in the morning, picked it up again at 10 and finished it at 3 in the afternoon. During that whole time, I never drank or ate anything. I only paused because I promised myself a shower and to do one homework assignment. Then I went straight back to it until I finished.

Let me tell you, my heart is still pounding.

I love getting into a book so much that nothing can distract you. Then afterwords (and this can last for days), I don’t feel like doing much except reading it all over again. I have to either find a book with just as much quality or start some sort of craft project to take my mind off of it.

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Instagram Prom

This weekend was incredibly amazing, and I’m still too tired to post about it in full so I’m just going to leave some of my favorite photos of prom night.





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Music On the Mind

To say that music is a big part of my life would honestly be an understatement. It IS my life. If I didn’t have music, I’d died a terrible death.
I love thinking about sharing my passion for music with others and maybe some day with my own kids. You may say that it’s too early to think about kids, but then you’d be a hypocrite. Everyone thinks about it at least once. But I dream about playing The Beatles, The Zombies, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and The Kinks for my kids everyday, all day (yeah…I have a British thing going on).

Magic in the Words

YEARS ago, I found my absolute favorite author and fell in love. With her books, at least. And her writing. Her books were the ones that drew me to reading. Her words were the ones that inspired me to begin writing. Her name is…Sarah Dessen (*angelic sound in the background*).
Ever since picking up that first book (The Truth About Forever), I have been a true fan and a bit of an obsess-er. And just yesterday I got a message from Goodreads updating me on a post from her blog. Thank god I opened it. I spent the rest of the day reading her amazing “Friday Five” (which are as fun to read as her books) and re-reading all of her books.

The funny thing is, in one of her post, she mentions the way she reacted when she saw The Hunger Games’s, Jennifer Lawrence. For the longest time, I thought all famous people were best friends (wow, I’m a dork). And being able to read how fanatic she is about GMA and seeing Jennifer, made like, my life.

I instantly texted my bff and told her all about it, saying if we’re ever famous (who are we kidding) when we’re famous I’ll definitely still freak out whenever I meet a star. Hopefully, I can keep my cool like the time I met Tom Shadyac (afterwards, I was hoping up and down nearly SCREAMING).

Here are my favorite books by her:

 (seriously…it’s impossible to narrow it down)
And her newest book is supposed to come out next year. You best believe I’m buying it the SECOND it comes out, maybe even pre-ordering it. That’s how addicted I am. I can’t wait.