Hell of a Long Day

Wednesday was a super long day. I mean, seriously. I was woken up early (7) by my cats and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I decided to start the day early and shower and eat. I waited a good hour for the latest bus to come and then spent another hour at the office before anyone showed up.

At noon, we had a shoot set up with some of the local food benders. While our co-worker, Sam set up with them, he had me and Meghan hand out stickers (my least favorite thing to do). I was not dressed for a day walking around, and by the end of the day, my feet were covered in blisters and my hair was a wreck. We met back up an hour later and did the final shoot, then headed back to the office, where I worked for two hours on Photoshop, trying to piece together our next PSA.

I decided to cut it early so I could get groceries and catch the 315 bus. As soon as we (Meghan and I) left the store, I realized the bus only came at 315 during the school year. So, we walked across town to the Gondola and took it up to Mountain Village. It was one of the most uncomfortable rides I’d ever had. Let me explain…

We were trying to get our own cab so Meghan didn’t have to eat in front of others (she has weird fears, but don’t we all). Instead, we got stuck in one with five other people. And for most of the ride, we rode in complete silence, everyone trying to not stare awkwardly at each other. (Geez, is anyone actually reading this). I already hate the Gondola because I have the biggest fear of heights and every time I ride it there’s at least one moment where the Gondola stops and we sit there swinging for a few minutes (kill me!) Then, once the guys got off at the top, the older couple there started making funny what they thought were funny jokes because apparently they’d gotten a sticker from us.

Finally, we got off and spent the next four hours at the farmers market up there since Meghan and her mom had a booth there. I tried to keep all my groceries I’d mistakenly bought in the shade. Then at six-ish we started taking down the tent and I finally got dropped off at home at 7 and hung out with Meghan until 9 while her parents went to a meeting. I took an hour to work on my Japanese homework. I crashed at 12, finally ending that super long day.

My goodness…did I seriously write this long of a post on one day? Who have I become?

my sunburn after one hour without sunblock…

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