Today fucking sucks. Sorry that you had to hear my life isn’t full of gum drops and rainbows. Sometimes days just suck. Those are the days when you plan something because someone in my family always ruins it.

We planned to go to Walmart and gets some bathing suits then head over to my sister’s apartment to try out her swimming pool. And my other sister is being a dick for the last few days, telling me how much she wished I was gone or dead. So we get there and won’t shut up and keeps saying these mean things and so my day was ruined. Now I feel like shit. I don’t feel like eating. I don’t feel like going outside. I don’t feel like anything.

You may say I’m being too dramatic but I’ve been dealing with this my whole life and I’m sick and tired of pretending it’s fine. That I’m fine. I’m pissed and I don’t care if people think it’s wrong.

The end is finally in sight. I’ll be away at college next year! I won’t have to deal with her any more this summer. And then I’m gone. I’m so stoked.

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