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Learning to Fly

There some times in my life where it seems like nothing more can get me down. I’m already to close to the ground, it seems it’ll never get better. But that’s when I play one of my all-time favorite songs.

“A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride

If you haven’t heard this song, you’re truly missing out. It may seem a bit cheesy and that’s because it was written in late 90s/early ’00s, which was the era of cheese in country music. But I still love it because it has and awesome message to it.

Every time I hear this song, I am reminded that even though I have no where to run, I have plenty of room to fly. So no matter how hard times seem to get, I can still fly off into the sunset. 🙂

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Under The Sun…

It seems like every time I go to my job, I’m expected to spend at least an hour outside. Which isn’t that bad, it’s just that I don’t dress for it. So today I made sure I dressed accordingly. It turns out I spent three hours outside filming, setting up tents, and just generally moving around town. It was a HOT day and no clouds to really block out the sun, so of course I got a major burn.

But it was a super fun day full of laughter, cookies, more laughter, lots of bugs, and lots of people yelling at me. Just saying, Sam. Kind of harsh. I had a lot of fun today even if it was sweltering outside.

Look forward to seeing some of that footage of our crazy day, soon…ish.

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I’ll Be Missing You…

My mom was supposed to come home yesterday after spending a week in Colorado Springs with my sisters. She was on her way back up when her tire blew, taking out some wires and her headlight with it. It was crazy and I’m thankful it didn’t do anything worse and that she’s safe.

But that means she’s going to be there for at least a few more days. We’re hoping her insurance will pay for a car like last time (man…that car was a babe). And hopefully we’ll be able to buy another one soon so that we won’t be car-less, again.

It isn’t that hard to get around in this small town without a car. It’s just that my work schedule isn’t working with the bus schedule. I keep having to go into town over an hour before work and staying an hour or two afterwards. Plus, without a car, we can’t go buy groceries in Montrose since the nearest Walmart is two hours away.

I’m just hoping things will work out. This seems to always happen when we’re moving. So much stress right now!

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Sleep It Away

Finally! You have no idea how good it feels to be able to sleep the whole night (unless of course you also haven’t been doing it for two and a half years). I mean my goodness!

For two years, I’ve been up until 2/4 so I could convince myself I’d been sleeping the whole night. This summer, I promised myself I’d sleep the whole nightand sleep in late. And I’ve done it. In only a month! I’m amazing when I put myself up to something.

For this week my goal was to sleep the whole night through because last week I accomplished the sleeping late aspect. And it’s been a hassle. Usually, when my mom’s here, she’ll let the cats out or feed them or whatever, so they never bother me. But this whole week they woke me up early for food or water or they’d wake me up in the middle of the night to be let out (I don’t because the neighbors literally will come inside at night and yell at me).

But last night, apparently, I let them out for the perfect amount of time before bed and gave them enough food and water to last the night. I also realized one of the major problems was that I was sleeping with a full on comforter and not a sheet (like I usually use during the summer).

I felt so good to wake up, glance at my phone, and realize I slept from 10 to 12. Heavenly!

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Learn Japanese Vol. 1

(during the summer, you may notice I have more time to blog so I like to branch out and try new things. Meaning, you’ll probably see more connected posts, as I find what I like. This has been a formal warning)

As some of you may know (i don’t know…do you know?) that I’ve been taking a few online classes this summer so that I can graduate early next semester. Well, I’m excited to say that one of those classes is Japanese 1. Exciting! This is a dream come true for me because I’ve been in love with Japan for, like, forever.

Well, I decided to post some helpful tips and words you can use if you even ever thought about visiting Japan or just wannabe cool and say random Japanese words that no one knows what your saying (I know…this is exactly what you wanted).

  • Tip One: use a translator app/on your computer to see if you’re pronouncing the words right  (I did this and even though some of the words didn’t get recognized as easily, it boosted my confidence a lot to think that I was saying the words mildly correct.)
  • Tip Two: say the word over and over again (preferably alone in your room)

Now the words:

  • good morning ——————– ohayougozaimasu (oh-hi-oh-go-zie-moss)
  • hello   —————– konnichi wa (koe-nee-chee-wa)
  • goodbye ——————-sayonara (sigh-own-na-ra)

*the sound translation is a bit rough*

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