Prom Post (Part 1)

I’ve been delaying this since last Saturday. I wanted to be able to have all versions, including my friend’s. Instead, I just decided to put up my version and later add hers in multiple posts (you enjoy that).

So here’s us, getting ready for prom. Took us a few hours (that’s apparently normal). Let me explain something to you. We live in a town with only one high school (and it’s also attached to the Middle and Intermediate schools…aka 5-8th grades). This means that even freshmen are invited to prom. Some are stupid enough to do dinner, pictures, after party and all the first year and ruin their Senior years. I held off last year so I could enjoy Junior prom for the first timeas a junior.

I was also the only junior in this bunch, but it was pretty fun anyways. I wouldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

(hint: click on photos for larger view/slideshow)


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