I’m going to write about something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately. It’s not what I normally talk about, but it’s important to me. It’s about Christians.

I consider myself a Christian, even though most don’t. I rarely go to church, never read the bible, but to me, it’s way more important than that. It’s a way of life, of mind. I’ve never been really ashamed of being a Christian, but I also don’t go around bragging about it. Especially not here. Mainly because most people living in this town are atheist or some variation.

I know that by saying I’m a Christian, I am going to have to deal with a lot of hate, disbelief, and judgement. And I’m mostly okay with it. Except when people stereotype me. It’s just like with anything else; race, gender, age, etc… But it pisses me off when people start hating on me because I’m a Christian.

Some people thing gay marriages or anything related to it is evil, or a sin. I don’t. I once heard this and it will forever stick in my mind: “Sometimes people don’t fall in love with a man or a woman. Sometimes people fall in love with people.” Just because some people say there’s scriptures in the Bible saying being gay is a sin, doesn’t mean I believe it. All I know is that you’re supposed to “love thy neighbor” and never judge or hate those because they fall into a certain group.

I hate the idea most people associate with Christians. We’re not all bible-quoting, people-hating, straight-and-narrow people. We’re all different people who believe in a God and a salvation, but from there on, we differ. Some Christians believe it’s our Christian duty to care for those who don’t “fit the mold”…but really that’s everyone. I don’t know anyone without sins, characteristics, doubts, or hatred in them. I still don’t even know who will be “accepted into heaven”. Maybe a gay man will and I won’t. Why does it matter what we love and not who we love.

Well, that’s my little rant for the day. Maybe soon I’ll go deeper and talk about death or something. 😉

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