Instagram Update

These are from this morning before my first AP exam. I know you’re all probably sick and tired of hearing about all my AP problems, but don’t worry, soon they will be over (and I’ll start posting about Finals…yay!) Anywho…I woke up pretty early so I could get some breakfast before the exam started, then we spent the first half our trying to figure out where we were going to actually test (we were stuck at the library with no rooms available). We ended up moving the tables and chairs three times before ending where we began. Fun!

I’m pretty sure I did well-ish all-in-all. Hopefully I passes with at least a 3. We’ll be hearing around the third week of June…so long!


1. I started the day off right by forgetting to put coffee in the filter.

2. Dressed in an inspiring shirt (my work’s logo).

3. Caught this little cutie basking in the sun.

4. Waited in the cold morning air for the bus, which ended up being late.

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