Like A Boss

Yes…I just used that saying. I’m in high school so give me a break. It’s like mandatory for me to follow the flow sometimes. But anyways…
I cranked this shit out! I’ve been procrastinating (wow…I actually spelled that correctly the first time) since I was assigned this project at THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. Now, I’ve interviewed two people, have a bunch of b-roll and have set up three other interviews. I’m a total boss!
I’m going to be so exhausted by the time I finally get home. Here’s all of the things I’ve accomplished today:
– wake up an hour early
– finish a summary for four books
– film The Battle of the Books at the library
– interview for my project
– capture Rachel’s interview
– go to Director’s Club and help film another interview for Diego
– go to study hall from 5-8 for APUSH
– finish all my homework for classes tomorrow
Phew. I’m awesome.
In the pictures below, you can see me editing while using the HD camera, the recorder, and Dave’s new camera that also shoots video. Working on two computers isn’t for most people, but I’ve learned to be good at it. I’m like a pro (just kidding…I’m not even close).

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