Last night, we were assigned to do nothing but was crappy movies and go to bed by 10. As instructed by my AP Lit teacher who doesn’t find any movies (well barely any) good, so I figured her meant any movie. Well I decided to follow the instructions and watch “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and it was awesome. Definitely a good movie to watch the night before ACTs.

I woke up early this morning, skipped breakfast, and headed to school. I’m totally not one of those people who panic over tests. Especially ones that don’t matter. So I just chilled for four hours and hoped I’d gotten over 50% (high goals, right?). It wasn’t that bad except for the math section, which is usually one of my best. My brain was kind of fading by then so I forgot all that I’d learned in Algebra and Geometry 3/4 years ago. I honestly almost couldn’t answer questions based on this years math. Lame, I know haha.

Now, I’m giving my brain another rest before I have to work it on overdrive tomorrow, preparing for the AP tests (these I’m a bit worried about…okay A LOT!).


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