I h8 Stress

It absolutely kills me to go every day like everything is just fine. It’s not. Especially today. Lately, I’ve been trying to balance everything from school, to work, to friends, to homework, to family, and all the stuff I like. I can’t do it anymore. I hate this.

School was the one place where I could go to escape. And sometimes, I actually did escape to it. Now, it seems like it’s just another stress-maker. I can’t seem to find fun in it anymore. I’m tired of the same routine of waking up early, spending an hour getting ready, catching a bus, sitting at the same table before class, talking to the same people, hearing the same lectures during class.

This may just be a case of the summertime blues, but it doesn’t really feel like. I honestly can’t wait to escape all this pressure and constant tugging. Summer can’t come soon enough. And life can’t change soon enough.
It also may stem from the fact that I just took four hours worth of ACTs and my brain is killing me. I can barely get my words out or understand what anyone is saying to me. HELP ME! I feel like I’m dying a slow, boring-as-hell death. Ugh. I know I’m being really melodramatic and all, but I can’t help it at this point.

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