Fight to the Death

I am in SO much pain. It’s not ever funny. We spent HOURS outside yesterday with our water balloon fight. And I am badly burnt (I’ve had worse but we don’t have aloe around this time). So my shoulders are killing me and I suspect I’ll have to go strapless for a good 4 days. I can’t raise my right arm ’cause it’s hurtin so badly. And I have this random burn on the back of my right leg, right under the knee. It really confuses me.

My back is killing me from bending over for an hour straight filling up the balloons. And now I have a splinter in the bottom of my foot. I feel like I should give up and die haha. I know, I sound pathetic.

Don’t get me wrong. Water balloon fights are the bomb! We had so much fun. For a while, we were just doing water balloon tosses (and for some reason, they were only exploding on me…in my face). Then I started a real fight and we attacked my cousin’s boyfriend even though he was only a bystander (at least to begin with). We plan to have a lot more of these this summer. Can’t wait!


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