Magic in the Words

YEARS ago, I found my absolute favorite author and fell in love. With her books, at least. And her writing. Her books were the ones that drew me to reading. Her words were the ones that inspired me to begin writing. Her name is…Sarah Dessen (*angelic sound in the background*).
Ever since picking up that first book (The Truth About Forever), I have been a true fan and a bit of an obsess-er. And just yesterday I got a message from Goodreads updating me on a post from her blog. Thank god I opened it. I spent the rest of the day reading her amazing “Friday Five” (which are as fun to read as her books) and re-reading all of her books.

The funny thing is, in one of her post, she mentions the way she reacted when she saw The Hunger Games’s, Jennifer Lawrence. For the longest time, I thought all famous people were best friends (wow, I’m a dork). And being able to read how fanatic she is about GMA and seeing Jennifer, made like, my life.

I instantly texted my bff and told her all about it, saying if we’re ever famous (who are we kidding) when we’re famous I’ll definitely still freak out whenever I meet a star. Hopefully, I can keep my cool like the time I met Tom Shadyac (afterwards, I was hoping up and down nearly SCREAMING).

Here are my favorite books by her:

 (seriously…it’s impossible to narrow it down)
And her newest book is supposed to come out next year. You best believe I’m buying it the SECOND it comes out, maybe even pre-ordering it. That’s how addicted I am. I can’t wait.


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