Aquarium Love

Saturday started just like normal, waking up early and sitting in front of the tv until I feel good enough to move. Then, my dad came bursting through the door and saying “Let’s go to the Aquarium”. The last time we went, I was six, so it’s been over ten years. Crazy! It was such a blast.

We picked up my cousin Rachel and headed up to Denver. We stopped off at Dairy Queen for a quick bite then back on the road. The Aquarium was as awesome as I remember. We even ran into a few pirates. AND the otters were out-and-about and we got to watch them play for awhile. Plus the tiger was very friendly.

We took my first trip to Urban Outfitters and it was mind blowing. Honestly, that place is filled to the MAX with nothing but beauty. I want to go back. And if we move where I think we’re moving next year, there’s one in the local mall. LOVE it!

How was you’re weekend? Don’t be afraid to share.

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