5 Things I Miss Most About The City

I miss having a washer machine in my house. It’s been over a year since I could wash my clothes when I needed to without having to pay. It may sound silly to all of you with washer machines until you realize how hard to gets to have to wait to wash your clothes once a month.

 I definitely can’t wait to be able to play on the driveway again. There are honestly no driveways in Telluride (where we live now). This means there is no way to go outside and play without having to walk to some place else. Plus, we haven’t had a backyard in ages.

 I cannot stress this enough. Our closest super market is over an hour away. Our closest mall is over two miles away and it’s only a strip of boring stores, stuck together. I’m not a total city girl, but I do love having my favorite stores nearby. I can’t wait to be able to visit them when I want, once again.

 Call me crazy, but my favorite thing to do is drive on the freeway. Not me personally (I still panic when there’s more than two lanes). But my favorite way to transport is through the freeway. When I was little I used to imagine it was the road that moved, like a ride at the amusement park. It’s still fun to think like that.

5. Breathing Room 

Aw…the power of having many rooms and possibility of multiple floors just make me smile. We were living in a one-floor apartment before, and we almost killed each other because we could never get away. Bigger houses = less bitchy household.


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