Mustache Family

Yesterday, was a busy, busy day. It started off with my sister taking us out to lunch and yogurt afterwards, promising to pay for the whole thing. It was fantastic. We went to a place called HuHot which is a Mongolian buffet and grill. It was so stinkin’ good. I’m definitely coming back whenever we visit.

Their bathroom was twice as amazing as their restaurant haha. We took to family visits into it just to get the photos above. We spent at least twenty minutes there (because SOME people just weren’t good at getting the shots).

Then we headed over to Target and an awesome used bookstore right next to it. I scored some awesome movies and books for pretty cheap. One of which, I’m watching right now. I can’t stop watching it since I first saw it, it’s that good. Can you guess which one?

Don’t worry about making fun of me for my manga, I already know that I’m a nerd. And sorry about the glare. I tried to edit it away, but couldn’t.

We took off to YoYogurt and ate that place up. I always feel bad for the workers wherever we go because we’re such a loud family. They definitely get a show when we drop by. I got the new Thin Mint flavored yogurt with animal crackers, waffle cone, gummy bears, oreos, and some delicious strawberry bobas. Yummy!

We ran over to the cousins’ house for dinner and quality time. The photo below is of all my sisters, my mom, my cousin, and my other cousin’s boyfriend (she wasn’t even there). We were hanging out in Rachel’s room listening to the story of how they met (so cute). And as soon as Kaitlyn came home (the gf), we heard the ACTUALLY story of how they met.

All in all, yesterday was an amazing day full of laughs, stories, and full tummies. Did you all have just as amazing Sundays?


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