Sucky Weekend

this weekend’s been really sucky. i’ve been here a total of three days and haven’t even left the house once. apparently everyone thinks it’s their vacation, not ours (even though we’re the only ones on vacation). I just wanna be able to blow all the money that I carefully planned to spend. How horrible is that?

Seriously, I’ve been asking everyone just to take me out of the house but it’s like I’m grounded. What the F? Apparently I’m not allowed to see my friends, go shopping, or go to the freakin’ movies. You don’t know how pissed I am about being stuck here during MY spring break. 

On other news, I’ve decided to rethink the way I look at blogging. I definitely don’t wanna worry about visitors and followers and comments. I just wanna feel like I can write what I want about what I want. So, from now on, I’m gunna try hard just to be me and not worry about what others think (something I struggle with).


2 thoughts on “Sucky Weekend

  1. Thanks. Here's hoping!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like your new look on blogging. I think it will work out for the better for you. 🙂

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