I’ve been struggling lately. I kept seeing these amazing photos coming from my friends and blogs I follow, and I’ve just been WISHING I could be photographer like them one day. Then I realized, I am a photographer. For a year now, I’ve been seriously photographing and I’ve even discovered my love of photographing people. I don’t have any fancy camera or anything (I don’t have any camera, actually).
I have to use one of the school cameras (it’s an old, film camera and I love it). And I’m in advanced photo, but I never thought that I could actually take those skills and use them (don’t ask me why). I just realized that I already have a skill that most photographers don’t have: I can use manual. I never thought that these people where using manual and it totally blew my mind.
I also now know the process of developing film (it’s actually more boring than it seems, people). I’ve totally been looking at this all wrong. Instead of thinking that all these people were doing something I’d never be able to do, I can see that I’m on my way (granted, I’m still a beginner). 
I wanted to show a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken this year. They aren’t the best, but I like them.


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