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Something you are going to see a lot of post of up on the blog this week: prom. Yup. I decided to go to prom on Saturday when the guy I asked said he’d already been asked. Damn. Who cares. I’ll be roll with my girls (I know, I’m not ghetto).

Well, anywho, prom’s this weekend and I still haven’t gotten my dress. So you’ll definitely see a lot about that as long with the actual night. Bear with me people!

I’m getting myself all pumped up right now listening to a party station on pandora while I try (read: surf the web for awesome hairstyles) to study for my AP in a couple of weeks.



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Photo Challenge

SMILE!This is my first attempt at The Paper Mama’s Photo Challenge, featuring the lovely Aspen. She’s our honorary kid (we tell her mom that if she ever wants, we can just take her forever. haha. Yesterday, I got the privilege to watch her again and we had a blast out in the sun! (I know, call me crazy for going out after the last time I did that). I didn’t get burnt, just “tanned”. Here’s my favorite picture of that day.

“Are we going on the bus?” “Bus, bus, bus!”

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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First Time

This is my first post on WordPress as a test. My blog is still up on Blogger and I wanna try this out before I for sure make the switch. What do you think?


Music On the Mind

To say that music is a big part of my life would honestly be an understatement. It IS my life. If I didn’t have music, I’d died a terrible death.
I love thinking about sharing my passion for music with others and maybe some day with my own kids. You may say that it’s too early to think about kids, but then you’d be a hypocrite. Everyone thinks about it at least once. But I dream about playing The Beatles, The Zombies, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and The Kinks for my kids everyday, all day (yeah…I have a British thing going on).

Like A Boss

Yes…I just used that saying. I’m in high school so give me a break. It’s like mandatory for me to follow the flow sometimes. But anyways…
I cranked this shit out! I’ve been procrastinating (wow…I actually spelled that correctly the first time) since I was assigned this project at THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. Now, I’ve interviewed two people, have a bunch of b-roll and have set up three other interviews. I’m a total boss!
I’m going to be so exhausted by the time I finally get home. Here’s all of the things I’ve accomplished today:
– wake up an hour early
– finish a summary for four books
– film The Battle of the Books at the library
– interview for my project
– capture Rachel’s interview
– go to Director’s Club and help film another interview for Diego
– go to study hall from 5-8 for APUSH
– finish all my homework for classes tomorrow
Phew. I’m awesome.
In the pictures below, you can see me editing while using the HD camera, the recorder, and Dave’s new camera that also shoots video. Working on two computers isn’t for most people, but I’ve learned to be good at it. I’m like a pro (just kidding…I’m not even close).