IPhone Photo Apps

I received a $15 gift card for Itunes from my sisters and I decided to spend it wisely on some amazing photo apps and great tunes. Here’s what I’m using:
Instagram: this is an amazing iphone app completely free! It gives you a lot of different styles to choose from and is mainly a editing software. Plus you can easily share it with your friends. This is my main one.
Camera+: This is a GREAT editing software for your iphone. You can crop, color, blur, and write on all your photos. This is my go-to app when I take pictures on the fly and am careless about how I take them. It’s super easy to work with and so many choices to choose from.
Picture Show: this one isn’t free, but I splurged and it was totally worth it. It’s mainly and editing app and I can’t help but use this for every photo I take (it’ easily addicting). There is so many options and I love how you can control the color, light, shape, text, brightness, blur, and sooo much more. This thing ROCKS!
Hipstamatic: omg! this app is crazy! It’s not for editing but for making awesome photos while taking it. You can’t really know how your pictures will take out, but that’s what I love. 
Tilt Shift Gen: You can only take new photos with this app (at least from what I’ve seen), but it edits it afterwards with creative blur and tilts. Plus it has vignetting option which I adore way too much (almost all my photos get vignetted).
MoloPixFree: obviously, this is free and it takes many pictures and combines them all into one photo. I don’t use this one as often but it’s super fun to use.

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