Invites Are Out

I had a close call last week when my mom threatened to take my birthday party away from me after we had a pretty bad fight. But thankfully, I convinced her to let me have one more chance. Now I have to be on my best behavior and hope that people will actually show (no one ever does…no matter how many people I invite, only 1 or 2 ever show up, so here’s hoping).
I’ve been working on the invites for a while, and now they’re finally done and printed out. I had the idea for a mustache party theme and was inspired by these super cute invites I found on Etsy. And then I saw this wonderful banner and decided to create my own. 
Like the invites and banner, I’m making everything myself. Next weekend, I’m going back to Colorado Springs, and we’re going to raid Michael’s like no other! It’ll be super fun, especially since I’m the world’s-biggest-fan of DIY’s.
Now the only things I need to complete my party are:
  • black and white streamers
  • paper lanterns
  • stickable mustaches/mustache on stick (like here)
  • cupcake tops
  • centerpiece (mustache quote)
  • Ribbons!!!


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