Fire! Fire! Fire!

Someone asked my what was up with the pictures yesterday. Well, there IS a story behind them. If you follow my Instagram, you might know. But on Friday last week, we were all woken up at 545 because of the fire alarm. We figured it was only in our apartment, but we’d never had the lights flashing and the alarm just wailing. And when my mom went outside, she saw that the whole apartment building was having the same issue. 
We decided to grab out cats and just wait outside until the fire truck showed up. By the time we figured out it was the whole building, they were hiding behind the couch, completely freaked out. It took awhile but we finally got them and ourselves into the car. We were all so tired and sooo cold (about 5 degrees out), but we wanted to wait for the firemen just in case.
at least we had a pretty moon…

Well…they didn’t show up until about 630 (I’m not even AWAKE by then). They pulled into the parking lot, accessed the situation and decided to hook up the hose just in case. Finally, the alarm was shut off and we were told it was safe to go back inside. With such a crazy thing so early, all I could do was crash. I convinced my mom to let me stay home from school and I spent most of the day in bed, trying to recover (okay…that sounds a bit dramatic).
We still have no idea what set it off, but I have my guesses (since it smelt like a pot fest when we got outside). Can enough pot smoke set off an alarm?

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