Photo Bombed!

(Warning: Photo Overload to the MAX!)

I got to babysit this little girl, and she is just the cutest. Until she gets a hold of your phone (well…even then). But she changed my language settings. As soon as I showed her Angry Birds, she was satisfied.

 I got a little crazy with my Camera+ app. (This happens more often than not). And I edited some old picture I had on my phone. Featured here are Mikey, Noelle, Meghan(left), Sierra(right), and ME! (what?!…I know!)

Some real life photos. A classmate brought cereal in a bowl to History (score!) I stayed up late to do last minute notes that were due the next day. Had to tape my headphones back together after they were stepped on (I need higher quality tape man). Relaxing beside the washer because this B* downstairs had a hissy fit the last time, so I have to keep it from walking.

Some of my favorite things: Pom, Reading, My New Purse, Spam, Cholula sauce (thanks sis), and my kitties.

Cat knocked over my cup so I ended up with wet homework. Awesome!

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