Birthday Wishes

One of my favorite things to do is plan birthdays. It doesn’t have to be my own, I just love all the creativity I can put into it. This year, I have like a $0 budget so I’m creating what I can with what I already have. And even though I have more than a month left, for the first time since I was 7, I’m actually counting down to my birthday.
Since I’m doing it all myself, I decided to find some inspiring things and create them in my own twist. I’m throwing a Mustache Party (long time mustache fan!). And thanks to all these creative people, I think it’ll be a success.
Original – Creative Party Banners

my version…still working on it
 Sorry, Noelle. I probably should’ve done it this way before I sent it off to you 😉

Original – Ink Obsession Designs

my version


2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. I love that idea. haha. next year.

  2. DaydreamerN says:

    Now I get it! it was not coming up right on my email! so cool.but really you should let peole give u mustache rings and stuff! you should have everyone draw mustaches on like their arm or foot or face. like pin the tail.

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