Way Too…Much!

I am feeling very OVERLOADED right now. There’s like a million things going on and a million more things I haven’t even started. I’m trying to keep a calm mind about it, but it’s like it’s all taking over. AGGGGH!
I have so much school work to do (secret: my grades are slipping), and it just keeps adding up. I also have my Mentorship film on top priority right now (I need to get SOMETHING done before the end of the year). Plus, I’m planning my birthday that’s coming up pretty soon.  
And last night, I’ve got all my nerves worked up watching the Oscars. Don’t tell Noelle, but I’ve honestly never seen it before. But watching it with her was definitely a high light of my life. We’re so going to be there someday (at least we tell each other that).

The Oscars…Oh how we wish we could be there!

My hero, Meryl Streep won Best Actress.

Dropped my phone in a cup of water, so here it is soaking in my remedy.
Upcoming: Iphoto The Day! (tomorrow, I’ll take a picture (or more) every hour to show you how I spend my days).

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