Snow…Just Go Away

The thing I hate more than not being able to keep up with Blogger because no internet in my house: there is only one. Snow! I’m sick and tired of it already. And I know there’s a bunch more coming. Frick!
I know it’s pretty and all but geez! Four feet? AND we still have to go to school. This sucks! I’m so excited to go back to CS Springs this weekend. Out of this stupid mountain canyon. I need my air!!!
Here’s a photo update for ya’ll. Keep your sanity, Kristie.

Lot’s of school work and studying for History tests. Got an odd letter from AI saying I should go online to request more info even though that’s how I got the letter…odd.

It’s been snowing like crazy. Probably making up for no snow until after Holloween. It sucks…as I’ve mentioned.But my cousin and I have a deal of Trade-sies, so we can swap for a bit of a while.

I always feel a bit better when I dress up. For some reason, I can’t find my favorite necklace (the one I got from my other cousin on Christmas). I felt so naked without something, so I put on my grandma’s pearls.


Noelle helped me out with boredom by telling my this amazing story over text. I like it. She’s the best.

Lot’s of family time this weekend. Spent the day with my mom grocery shopping and checking out a new favorite town. AND we got to go to a sit in restaurant (Denny’s) for the first time in ages. We made sushi together and watch the TV show my mom’s got us all obsessed over (The Good Wife). It was a great week!
Have Fun,


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