Favorite Posts

Yay! I love sharing all my favorite posts that I’ve found or read. Most of these posts come from blogs I regularly follow, but these posts definitely jump out at me. So here goes my first Favorite Posts of January.
This wonderful post about the small things found here.
     These awesome free-bees here, here, and here, from this AMAZING blog.
          This sweet, sweet post about crying and things in life that can just get to you, you know?
               Such a sweet post and an amazing song (do I say amazing too much. Yes, I do.) Even I want 
                    to cry after hearing this.
 I fell in love with art again after reading this post.
And even though this isn’t her, I still love this guest post on DIY Coaster Frames.     
I absolutely adore valentines day, and this post and this post really gets my go.          
I really like any post that can pull off lists and keep me intrigued like this can.               
I adore lists (guilty pleasure).                    
I hope ya’ll liked this because I’m gunna keep them coming at ya once a month for a while. Really, check out these amazing posts!
Be seeing ya,

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