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Music On My Mind

I’ve always been a music kind of girl. I like to bast it loud until the speakers or my ear drums are about to burst. I like to listen to it 100 times over and over until I know every lyric, every note, every instrument and how it fits into the song. I LOVE music.
That’s why I’m so happy that Noelle, my very best friend, asked my to create a playlist for her. I love finding music that not everyone has heard, and helping it cycle through the world. I’m always in search for those odd ball, nobodies, and sharing them with others. So, I created a playlist for you, Noelle. My favorite finds (yes…I realize that not all of them are new/unknown).


Way Too…Much!

I am feeling very OVERLOADED right now. There’s like a million things going on and a million more things I haven’t even started. I’m trying to keep a calm mind about it, but it’s like it’s all taking over. AGGGGH!
I have so much school work to do (secret: my grades are slipping), and it just keeps adding up. I also have my Mentorship film on top priority right now (I need to get SOMETHING done before the end of the year). Plus, I’m planning my birthday that’s coming up pretty soon.  
And last night, I’ve got all my nerves worked up watching the Oscars. Don’t tell Noelle, but I’ve honestly never seen it before. But watching it with her was definitely a high light of my life. We’re so going to be there someday (at least we tell each other that).

The Oscars…Oh how we wish we could be there!

My hero, Meryl Streep won Best Actress.

Dropped my phone in a cup of water, so here it is soaking in my remedy.
Upcoming: Iphoto The Day! (tomorrow, I’ll take a picture (or more) every hour to show you how I spend my days).

Well Damn!

I’m kind of in a shitty mood right now. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know either. I think it’s kind of a funk from coming back into the mountains after being gone so long. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to return here after summer.
Speaking of which! Summer’s only like 2 1/2 months away. That’s crazy. I feel like we have four months or something, but no. In May, I’m outie!
We’re trying to make plans to go to Chicago this summer, just me and my mom. That way I can visit my number 1 college. I’m too excited to even think about it because if I look forward to it too much, I’ll be so diappointed when we don’t go. Which really, it is a when.
There were so many other trips planned that never fell through. I wish just this once, that I could just make it happen without worrying about money. Money sucks! And it definitely sucks living in a small town where everyone else can afford all the simple things while we’re living in a shit hole. Pardon mon francais. Cet endroit est une merde!!!
Would you mind if I switched to french because that’s the kind of mood I’m in.
Le garcon lui a donne un gateau. Elle a mange comme un cochon. Tu ne save pas francais.
Translate it and you might be as entertained like me. But seriously. I’m in a poop right now.
Here’s a cute picture of a kitten to cheer you up, if you’re feeling anything like me.

Such A Girl

Wow. I’m totally a girl. Silly little crushes and all. I totally had the giggly little fit today. I don’t know what to say. Just kind of needed to get that out there haha. Phew.
But I also started on a super secret project (well…not that secret). I’m editing my family home videos and it’s super fun. I haven’t seen these things for quite sometime and we were cute! Haha.
Seriously, I might jut regret this post because I’m so tired I dot really know what I’m saying.

Snow…Just Go Away

The thing I hate more than not being able to keep up with Blogger because no internet in my house: there is only one. Snow! I’m sick and tired of it already. And I know there’s a bunch more coming. Frick!
I know it’s pretty and all but geez! Four feet? AND we still have to go to school. This sucks! I’m so excited to go back to CS Springs this weekend. Out of this stupid mountain canyon. I need my air!!!
Here’s a photo update for ya’ll. Keep your sanity, Kristie.

Lot’s of school work and studying for History tests. Got an odd letter from AI saying I should go online to request more info even though that’s how I got the letter…odd.

It’s been snowing like crazy. Probably making up for no snow until after Holloween. It sucks…as I’ve mentioned.But my cousin and I have a deal of Trade-sies, so we can swap for a bit of a while.

I always feel a bit better when I dress up. For some reason, I can’t find my favorite necklace (the one I got from my other cousin on Christmas). I felt so naked without something, so I put on my grandma’s pearls.


Noelle helped me out with boredom by telling my this amazing story over text. I like it. She’s the best.

Lot’s of family time this weekend. Spent the day with my mom grocery shopping and checking out a new favorite town. AND we got to go to a sit in restaurant (Denny’s) for the first time in ages. We made sushi together and watch the TV show my mom’s got us all obsessed over (The Good Wife). It was a great week!
Have Fun,