A Fit of Confusion

(Warning: Excessively Huge Pictures)

 Right now, I’m not quite sure how I feel. I can’t really get past the extreme-exhaustion-needing-sleep-right-now feeling I’m having. So tired. But kind of…ugh. I don’t even know. I’m not sure if I should be talking right now, feeling as I am.
So…have you guys ever heard of Florence and the Machine? Because they’re awesome. I got their new CD not too long ago and I’m adoring it. But there is this particular song on it that I can’t stop listening to.
It takes me back to Mountain Film last year when this song first really won me over. Have a listen loo. 
And to add onto this lovely mess…here’s a few photos of what I’ve been up to. Since I know I’ve been absent for a while. Having no computer and no wi-fi at home sucks. The only time I get to update is if I stay after school. Like now.
developing my film…such a boring process!
and rinse!

I think this is a good start to my PSA. Haha. Sucker Dave, I’m better than you 🙂

new poster…cheezy but gets the job done

basketball game on Saturday. Wow. Can’t even talk about it. That. Was. SO. Close!

brainstorming is stupid, but I’m good at it. Apparently.

Et Fin!


One thought on “A Fit of Confusion

  1. NOELLE says:

    I remember this! my boss at TFF made the video and I asked her about the music hahaha!! love the pics!! -noelle

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