On Being Sick…

‘Tis the season…for sicknesses. Yuck! I usually beat out the sicknesses and get sick only about once every two years. But I’ve been getting sick easier. And I’m sick sick. Sore throat (to the point where I contemplate swallowing), stuffed nose (the worst!), ear aches, upset stomachs, and a whole lot of hacking out my lungs. Really yuck.
Tomorrow, I’m supposed to go to my friend’s school to film for my video, and I’m seriously contemplating skipping out. I also know I’d never forgive myself if I did…but I would NEVER go to school if I was this sick. UGH!
I really want to get a start on this film since it’s been about 5 months and I haven’t done anything. My biggest worry: ruining all the shots by coughing and sniffling too much.
What should I do?!

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