Angry Girl

Recently, I read a post about being false. And it really stuck with me. I do that sonmetimes, especially in real life. I pretend like everything’s alright. I edit out all the bad stuff because who wants to read/hear something that’s not up-idy or happy? I usually don’t. But it’s also what brings you to a closer, more personal level.
I’m most likely writing this because I’m upset right now (which is something you usually shouldn’t do). But I’m not writing this out of anger towards someone. I’m trying to prove a point to myself. Be Legit. One of my new years resolutions.

I try not to be angry, but when I am. I’m ANGRY man. I need to control myself sometimes, but it’s lessened a bit since I was younger.

I like to slam doors. I like to throw things (that’s why I have an unlimited amount of plush things in my room). I like to yell and say things out of anger. Basically, I’m not afraid of creating scenes.

If someone confronts me, I WILL get in their face about what’s bothering me about them. I realize this isn’t the best method, but to me, it’s the only way I can actually say what I need to. I’m bad about leaving things inside to fester and grow. It’s terrible – trust me, I know – but I want to be gentle, and that means I can’t let anyone know that I hate them or they annoy me.

I surround myself with friends who tell it like it is (like Ari), because I’m jealous. I want to be able to tell someone I’m “not okay” when they ask. Instead, I say “everything’s fine” and immediately drop the conversation.

Maybe, to help me with my hidden emotions, I should post about them once a week. Monday Moods. Just a short little way to get it out.


One thought on “Angry Girl

  1. i hear ya. i've been thinking about the same thing… 'cause it's not always roses… go for it! : )

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