Is This Winter?

I know a lot of people are in awe at the way Christmas flew by. I’ve literally read three blogs where the authors are baffled. I’m blaming the snow.
I remember Christmases where snow fall was taller than me. Where we had to dig to even FIND the car. We’d spend days inside baking cookies, watching movies, and counting down for Santa. It’s hard to think of Christmas without snow.
Even last year, we were trying our best to stay ON the road while making our way to my dad’s house. This year, it snowed, but it was in vain.
I hate snow…but c’mon. You need it for Christmas. If you grew up in a place with snow every 25th of December, then you’ll notice when it’s gone. It literally doesn’t feel like winter.
It’s sad knowing that it never felt like Christmas this year. We didn’t even count down because it didn’t feel like we had to. I’m hoping that by the time it’s our second Christmas (around the first) it’ll feel like we’re in winter. Not just some crummy fall. I think mother nature’s a bit behind this year.
Please don’t let it snow on my birthday again!

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