Friends in Low Places

AKA. The friends I will never forget back in the Springs. I miss those crazy peeps. One of my bestest friends from Colorado Springs, Kelsey, was so sweet to let me know she’s been reading my blog and likin’ it. So sweet.
So, I went back through all my amazing photos from those crazy two years of Middle School. I thought’d I’d tribute this post to them.

On our way!


We went to the Sky Socks game for seventh grade and had a BLAST! Kelsey obviously had trouble with sunscreen, but that’s a given.  I can clearly remember getting popcorn, soda, and chips spilt on me (none of which were mine!).

My…had to be my thirteenth birthday party? 7th grade. Sleepover, cake, and lots of loud laughter. Like always with us girls!
Unfortunately, these next pics were from my going away party. I miss these girls horibbley. I haven’t seen them since, but I hope to soon. We always have a blast together, no matter what we’re up to.

 “We be Cherokee!”

 Don’t bite!

 Kelsey’s face. Oh my! and my little sister, steph peeping in the back ground. She did NOT want to go to bed when we were having so much fun here.

 “I wuv you!”

The gang! The most amazing, entertaining, and incredibly weird girls you’ll ever meet! (Back to Front: Jacklyn – Jacky Chan, Kelsey – Kelpers, Sammie – Sam Sammeram, and Rachel – Rachy babe!) Crazy weirdos. My kinds of peoples.
See ya’ll soon!

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