The Season of Fun

We finally kicked off the holiday season by getting a Christmas tree last night. My mom stopped off at the local flower store to check out how much their Christmas trees were. And while there, she literally got me a job. Mom’s are the best!

Well, we went back and found a tree that suited our tastes and price range. I think it’s beautiful. We decided to name him Scotty-Boy, thanks to me :). I think it’s a beautiful name for him, don’t you? We even came up with a jingle for him (which slightly basically is the Oh! Christmas Tree song). Maybe we were jacked up on egg nog when we did this, because as I right this…it sounds crazy.

Here’s Scotty-Boy:

 Afterwards, we went up to Mountain Village to see the tree light (which we missed…btw).

We walked around freezing my butt off and found some friends of mine. We made some cookies at a booth they’d set up and hung out for a bit.


One thought on “The Season of Fun

  1. DaydreamerN says:

    aw!! I love the holidays!

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