Me Me Memes

I LOVE memes. Like no joke. Not only are they usually fun, but they’re also easy and a place filler. Plus you get to know a bit about me. I know right? Awesome!!!
Well, I went on a search for memes. It was a small search (which makes me happy), but I found some great memes to do. Now, I can’t promise to do these every week, but you’ll most definitely see this again. I’m making a list of the ones I love so I can be prepared whenever I don’t really want to do anything write-y. 
Here’s one I found for Tuesday: Ten on Tuesday:– hosted here
10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do:
  1. Walk and drink at the same time
  2. Play the violin
  3. Use a sewing machine
  4. Drive stick (hey! I’m learning)
  5. Flare my nose
  6. Smell good at all times (I know people – a whole family – that can!)
  7. Finish something
  8. Manage my time better
  9. Use a journal
  10. Teach my cat some tricks.
I don’t know. What do you think? Should I keep doing this stuff or is it just a waste of time. Blah.

leave your thoughts here for the rest of the world to see

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