True Shit

True Shit
written by Kristie
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In the past, I’ve switched blogs because I just felt like I was trying too hard. I wanted to be known, so I did things to be known. Now, I’m just trying to keep my blog as pure as I can. I want people to come here (if they do) and read my stuff and think “This girl’s legit”.
After reading this really inspirational post by Mandy (read here), I have decided to promise myself a few things.
1. I will never let my blog jump the shark without realizing it first.
2. who am I kidding? I cuss like a bunch and I’m gunna do it if I wanna.
3. I’m going to be as genuine as possible, no matter how hard it is. And I’m going to ignore the people who don’t like me for me just like I do off the blog-osphere.
4. I will no longer NOT post pictures of myself just because I hate pictures. I think if I take photos of myself I’ll gradually become more comfortable with picture-taking. (light bulb!)
So, here’s a wonderfully picture of myself as I type this out:
not exactly wanting to be awake right now (2 pm)

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