The Champs!

The Champs!
written by Kristie
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I am so so SO excited to say that we are regional runner up champs and are going to STATES for volleyball. My girls rock and I’m so happy for them. Yay us! It’s this weekend and I can’t wait, but I’m still so happy about this last weekend we spent kicking butt and having fun.

Our drive up to Junction full of dancing, singing, and laughter

Eating lunch at Pancheros. Getting excited for shopping at the mall. Go Team Underwear.

Ate dinner at a restaurant (the name escapes me). We ate a LOT of bread and loads of drinks and decided it’d be fun to play the Question Game. Which Meghan failed at miserably. We went back to the hotel with full stomachs and excitement about the next day’s games.

this is Molly’s amazing butt she kept sticking in my face 🙂

Decided it’d be best to spend another night, so most of us did. And we went a little crazy after our pizza and caffeine as you can see below…

It was a great weekend. I had so much fun and we’re all super stoked about this next weekend when we go to Denver for states! We rock!

With love and joy,


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