Madlibs, Cupcakes, and Make-up

MadLibs, Cupcakes, and Make-Up
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

Last Friday, I had the pleasure to spend the night with some amazing girls that can get quite hyper at 2am with the help of cupcakes. These girls can seriously crave those things.
We spent some time making fun of Twilight, watching Yes Man, and eating sweets. Then, we went downstairs with the intentions of a light Pow-Wow (I think we had about five of those over the course of the night). We talked about boys and dreams for a bit.
Then, I believe it was the truth or dare that came first. I ambushed MaryGrace by daring Meghan to shove a cupcake in her face (since the only two things I heard out of her mouth that night was “Let’s have a pow-wow” and “I want a cupcake. Kristie, give me a cupcake”)
This is the end product:
I don’t think she’s happy because I was the one who came up with the dare…

nice follow-through
 We spent sometime playing basketball and taking pictures, realizing that none of us were tired at 11pm. Then, we pulled out the MadLibs (again, my brilliant idea). We had a some good ones that you should be aware of now:
“Mary had a little Hippo,
It’s poop was white as snow,
And wherever Mary went,
Her vagina was sure to show.”
“The third sexy pig was smart,
He built his house out of genuine lovers.”

I don’t remember who, but someone decided that blind make-overs would be a blast. So that is what we did. Good times.
how beautiful

Aren’t we pretty? I think that’s a yes!
We calmed down a bit after that and eventually we all fell asleep. Except for me. I got one hour maximum of sleep because I got stuck with a small blanket while everyone else had sleeping bags. I stayed up all night shivering then had to face the day, nearly falling asleep at the score table. But all in all, it was a great night. I love these girls.




Sierra and Nagore. My girls!
Keepin’ on,

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