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Me Me Memes

I LOVE memes. Like no joke. Not only are they usually fun, but they’re also easy and a place filler. Plus you get to know a bit about me. I know right? Awesome!!!
Well, I went on a search for memes. It was a small search (which makes me happy), but I found some great memes to do. Now, I can’t promise to do these every week, but you’ll most definitely see this again. I’m making a list of the ones I love so I can be prepared whenever I don’t really want to do anything write-y. 
Here’s one I found for Tuesday: Ten on Tuesday:– hosted here
10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do:
  1. Walk and drink at the same time
  2. Play the violin
  3. Use a sewing machine
  4. Drive stick (hey! I’m learning)
  5. Flare my nose
  6. Smell good at all times (I know people – a whole family – that can!)
  7. Finish something
  8. Manage my time better
  9. Use a journal
  10. Teach my cat some tricks.
I don’t know. What do you think? Should I keep doing this stuff or is it just a waste of time. Blah.

The New Design

Yay! Since I have to learn for Photoshop for a project, I’ve decided to make myself a banner. And I’m a bit of a failure. I’m not quite sure how to do it all. So far, I have a background and words. So simple…
I can’t wait until it’s done. But it may be awhile. 
In other news (quite random, but important to me at this point in time):
  • I broke my Iphone (took me 4 months)
  • I decided to not do soccer this year (at least I think)
  • I’ve finally decided on a topic for my Mentorship Film (maybe)
  • I’m falling in love with photo class
  • I’m actually NOT behind on my essay for AP Lit
  • I’m ahead of everyone else.
Things I need to accomplish:
  • get a job
  • get ahead in photo…or at least not fall behind
  • bake choco chip cookies. Yum!
Here’s a little preview for my blog banner:

Thanks be the Family

As I hope all of you would know, Thanksgiving was last night. LOVE! It started off iffy with a family argument. But got better from there. Pictures?

We started the night off with some old 34th Street magic.

even our pops are bonding (the other is behind the tree)  

Playing some scatagories

And then off to play Charades 

And we had our lovely dinner (my phone was charging so no pictures). It was so delicious and I don’t think there was a moment of silence at our table. Then, we decided a little singing was in order. 
This video is a clip from the end of our singing belting of Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks.
Everyone gathered into the living room to watch the remake of 34th Street. Except me, I fell asleep in my cousin’s room, reading my favorite book Going to Far. And I woke up just in time to get some pie and share a few more special memories before going home. 

True Shit

True Shit
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

In the past, I’ve switched blogs because I just felt like I was trying too hard. I wanted to be known, so I did things to be known. Now, I’m just trying to keep my blog as pure as I can. I want people to come here (if they do) and read my stuff and think “This girl’s legit”.
After reading this really inspirational post by Mandy (read here), I have decided to promise myself a few things.
1. I will never let my blog jump the shark without realizing it first.
2. who am I kidding? I cuss like a bunch and I’m gunna do it if I wanna.
3. I’m going to be as genuine as possible, no matter how hard it is. And I’m going to ignore the people who don’t like me for me just like I do off the blog-osphere.
4. I will no longer NOT post pictures of myself just because I hate pictures. I think if I take photos of myself I’ll gradually become more comfortable with picture-taking. (light bulb!)
So, here’s a wonderfully picture of myself as I type this out:
not exactly wanting to be awake right now (2 pm)

Mmm…Smells Like Thanksgiving

Mmm…Smells Like Thanksgiving
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

It’s definitely Thanksgiving tomorrow. How can I tell? Well…it’s not snowing (good sign) and we’re prepping all the food for tomorrow. This will be a good one. TG’s always been one of my favorite holidays.

hide-n-seek in the dark.
yummy apple pie.

and of course pumpkin!

holiday supplies. my favorite is the egg nog.

and relaxing with blankets and movies (again).