PAC: Organize

PAC: Organize
written by Kristie
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This is the first in a series I call PAC. Standing for: Project Alla-Cazoo (aka. re-doing my room). The original name gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I do anything.
Over the weekend, I decided the clean my room (or, more like my mom made me) and I took it a step further, gathering all sorts of things to organize with. It started with one small, white bookcase. Then, every day I came home, there were more and more stuff. I now have three wooden cases and a big wire basket case. Plus a couch…ish. What?
Confused? Let me show you my progress…
I started with a clean room…
mustache, anyone?

even organized my closet…
and got my books out of storage 🙂 big smile

shoeboxes covered in wrapping paper = pretty and cheap decore


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