Music for the Mind

Music for the Mind
written by Kristie
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Have you ever heard something that inspired you to do something. Like maybe go for a run, clean your room/entire house, or even inspired you to just rest? Well, music can do that for me. 
The author of one of my favorite blogs Spidatter has created a new “Blog” on tumblr that I think is absolutely ingenious! It’s just some posts with brilliant music. I literally went through all the songs and listened to them all twice, at least. Good choices.
I started think about how much music can change a life, ’cause I’m the kind of girl who does that. I know I’ve thought about how different and difficult life would be if I were deaf. For me, this is honestly the worse sense I could loose.
I can’t go one day without listening to some sort of music. The silence scars me poo-less. I rarely do anything without listening to something. It’s one of those things that you never know you’d miss until you have it taken away from you.
I can honestly listen to a song twenty times over, right after another. If it catches a certain mood, I can write for hours just listening to the one song. I have two songs right now that I choose to listen to when nothing can strike the story’s mood for me. They are Runaway by Mat Kearney and Little House by Amanda Seyfried.


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