Iphoto the Week (2)

Iphoto the Week (2)
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

Busy week full of doctors, dentists, skipped school, Doctor Who, PSATs, pep rallys, and fun. There’s nothing much I can say about this week except that it was very stressful and eye-opening. It was also good. Let the pictures tell you the story.

Tuesday (last week):

 – saved the computer my mom doused in slushie
 – spent most of the day in the library with this guy
 – when he dared me to read the 200+ pages I had left of Jane Eyre, I went home and finished in within two hours.


 – Fall has arrived
 – school full of angels
 – Meet Bo Chung Ho my gay, transvestite, ninja nephew.
 – pep rally to kick the day off.


 – woke up on the floor
 – spent half day at school
 – then off to kick butt in volleyball…and we did! I’m proud to say that my bestie, Sierra, who is on the Freshman team scored us a MAJOR kill in the varsity game. We were all cheering our hearts out!


 – fall colors
 – wakey wakey in a very comfy place
 – being absolutely opsessed with Doctor Who (honestly, you’ll hear this at least a million times per week)
 – and these veggies are SO good. Do try. I barely knew I was eating veggies.

Monday (today):

It was a very odd day today. Half day which throws everyone off and I got pulled out of 4th through 7th to meet a man behind the movie Coroline. It was very cool. We even got to hold the doll. (I’ll have to find those photos). Then I went home and relaxed. It was nice.

 – AP US is so full of laughs. 🙂
 – and Pre-Calc before I got pulled out…
 – I decided to wear pjs today
 – yummy yummy get into my tummy. I love this stuff.
 – my Mikey G.


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