Amazing Weekends

Amazing Weekends
written by Kristie
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Even though this weekend didn’t go exactly like I planned (it never ever does), I was still pretty good. And it’s not exactly over yet, is it? No…it’s not.
I went down with the Fam to Colorado Springs for the weekend. Unfortunately, as I woke up the next morning, it’d snowed major and I literally hit the floor crying. It soon dried up – I knew it would. 
I purposely came down this weekend to see my friends’ Mel and Chris’s gallery that opened just for this weekend. I’ve been waiting ever since Mel told me about Chris’s gift on her birthday last year. But I didn’t get to go (I shed quite a few tears for this fact). I was also sad that I didn’t get to see that Mel at all. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my wonderful friend.
Instead, I hung out with my cousins Saturday night and all day today. We watched movies, laughed, and got me hooked on Doctor Who and some Psych. It was beautiful, yet scary! And today, my Fam went to church and I decided to keep Kaitlyn company because she was sick – I found her throwing up last night :(. We watched a few more movies and when the rest of the Fam came home, we all went and saw The Lion King 3D (“Yeah…it’s the Lion King but in 3 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.” “Oh, well of course I’ll go to see 3DDDDDD”). It was a blast.
Then, I came home and while the Fam watches another movie (we’re obviously addicts), I’m finishing up my Rotary Application and doing a bit of blogging. Here’s some of the pictures I took during this Amazing Weekend. 
Leaving Telluride

family photo!!!


I truly missed my city

Christmas seek peaks

not exactly wanting a picture taken…

staying with this sickly kid…poor Katie-lynn


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